KO Boxing Gym is a club that is open to all. Whether you want to get fit or want to compete we have the facilities and teaching to support you in your goals. We offer bootcamps, white collar training and have an amateur boxing club for those who wish to compete.

We enable learning through desire and enthusiasm, if you wish to learn a new skill and get fit whilst having fun look no further then us.


  • Learn to Box and in a professional, friendly and focused environment.
  • KO Gym caters to people from all walks of life and fitness levels. No matter your background you will find a home here.
  • Ko prides itself on providing a motivating and challenging environment to get fit and learn to box.
  • A real gym for real people!!


  • Intro / Beginner classes are designed for you.
  • Classes are available seven days a week. 
  • Enjoy a free INTRO trial class
  • No equipment required, book online through the timetable.
  • Suitable for complete beginners or someone with limited experience. 

Class syllabus structure covers basics i.e guard, footwork, strikes and fitness.

Also bag work, pad work, shadow boxing and drill work with partner and building up basic fitness (aerobic, anaerobic, core strength , flexibility etc)

  • Do you have previous experience (of minimum 6 months consistent training)?
  • Do you wish to develop your skill and fighting techniques, in a friendly and challenging environment?
  • Enjoy a free GENERAL trial class, book online through our timetable.

Suitable for people progressing from intro class or have previous boxing experience. General class cover more advanced striking and defence techniques. Also includes supervised sparring (technical and competitive) Bag work, Pad work, advanced partner drills. Functional fitness and conditioning i.e. skipping, sprints, tabata and plyometrics etc.

  • Intermediate / Advanced classes
  • Suitable for the highly experienced students (Several years of training with competitive experience)
  • Enjoy a free INTERMEDIATE trial class, book online in our timetable.

Suitable for very experienced boxers. Class structure include advanced fighting strategies, pad work, bag work, sparring and conditioning.