Gym Guidelines

This is a positive and safe space where everyone is equal.

There is to be no derogatory behaviour or remarks made towards others.

Abusive language and behaviour is not tolerated.

A PAR-Q must be filled out before training (First time only).
Any changes in Injuries/medical conditions relating too the PAR-Q should be immediately reported to a KO Team member before partaking in any physical activity.

Instructors are to be respected at all times.

Instructors are to be referred to by ‘coach’.

All Students must notify instructor upon joining or leaving the class.

All medical conditions and/or injuries should be directly reported to your instructor before partaking in any physical activity.

All equipment must be put back neatly in the correct place.

Please report any broken or damaged equipment or structure.

No outside shoes should be worn on mats.

All jewellery needs to be removed before entering class.

Nails must be kept short.

Clothing must be appropriate for training.

No bare chests!
(If you are seen topless outside the changing room you will face the famous KO punishment).

There is to be no photo or video recording without consent from a KO team member.

No medical examination. No competitive sparring!

No alcohol, smoking or illegal substances to be consumed on premises.

Everyone must sign in and out at reception.
( If you have a membership card, it must be scanned before and after training ).