Why KO?

KO Boxing Gym is not a commercial club. We are authentic, welcomming and traditional yet cutting edge in our approach to training. Don’t expect any jacuzzis or saunas, instead expect world class boxing training.

There are no contracts or direct debits. Classes are 60 minutes and follow a concise syllabus to move you to where you want to be. Our instructors are experienced, well qualified and passionate about what they teach; for them it is not just a job.

We welcome everyone of all levels to become part of our team. It doesn’t matter if you want to get fit or whether you want to compete – we have the place for you.

What we offer:

  • Recreational boxing. This includes beginner level classes where you can start from complete scratch and learn how to box and general level classes where you can hone in your skills and develop as a boxer.
  • Amateur boxing – for those who wish to compete. (Please email to enquire)
  • Pro-AM boxing (sanctioned by the UBF)
  • Pro Boxing (please email to enquire).

Our History

KO Gym was founded in 1976, by Bill Judd. Prided by it’s authenticity and unmatched history, KO Gym is up there with the best boxing gyms in the UK.

Bill Judd, 2020


Easy to find

Located 5min walk from Stepney Green (District line Hammersmith & City line) or Bethnal Green (Central Line)

Value for money

No direct debit, no contracts, no hidden cost, you are not tied down with any of our payment methods.

In safe hands

Professionally qualified coaches, both knowledgeable and passionate about teaching.


Fully equipped gym with over 5000.ft of training area, 3 boxing rings, 16 bags, strength & conditioning area. Changing rooms and shower areas

Achieve your goals

Members can improve there overall fitness and strength/conditioning whilst learning the art of boxing. Fighters become Champions (Amateur, White Collar, Professional).

Great place to train

Friendly all-inclusive atmosphere, challenging and energy filled environment.


“Love this gym! Coaches are great and super helpful, always happy to answer questions and provide feedback.
Tons of classes so it’s possible to make it in regardless of your work schedule”

Lindsay April

“KO is simply splendid. The coaching is world class and the conditioning will leave you dripping in sweat. Bill and the rest of the trainers inspire you to push yourself to the absolute limit. If you’re after a gym that’s brimming with aggression, posers taking mirror selfies or perhaps somewhere you can sit on a bike and watch Netflix then turn away”

William Bray

“Currently training at KO Gym for my first ever debut fight at a white collar event. Hands down, Bill Judd is a TOP coach, I’ve had other coaches train me (in a group only) and never have I felt so much progress in such a short time”

Harmz GMG

I’m training for my first boxing match and can’t speak highly enough of the coaching staff at KO Gym who are exceptional. In 4 weeks my cardio and boxing technique has improved dramatically and I’m in the best shape of my life. During this time I have cut down from 90kg to 79kg.

Jaspal Sehda